5 Melanin Friendly Conventions


I believe that every fan should experience a nerd theme convention at least once in their lifetime.  Most of these spaces are white male-dominated, and because of that, some people might not feel included.  Who wants to go somewhere there not wanted? Or a place where they don’t feel safe. The community is only growing. As the saying goes, if you want something done, you gotta do it yourself.  Here are 5 Melanin Friendly Conventions trying to shake things up. 

Dream Convention

Dream Con is an anime and gaming convention that started by social media influencers, RDC World1. DC provides a traditional convention experience while adding their own flair. Dodgeball games, Blaster Battles, and Indoor Basketball. 

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blerdcon 2020
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Blerdcon is an event that celebrates the Black nerd culture.  All are welcome to the experience including, LGBTQ, disabled, and others who are usually overlooked. Blerdcon features panels, celebrity guests, cosplayers, workshops, screenings, concerts, and dance parties. 

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J1-Con is an Animation and Gaming Expo founded in Philadelphia, PA. J1-Con is described as a convention for fans by fans. This event comes complete with dope cosplay, gaming, and vendors, everything else included in a traditional convention experience.  With the addition of a music festival and other special events. 

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Blerd City Con

BLERD CITY CON is described as a cosmic explosion that brings together all the pieces of the nerd sphere to parlay with one another. BCC features panels and workshops that spotlight comic books, AfroFuturism, films and etc.

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WinC Con

WinC is an initiative founded in 2012 by Regina Sawyer to educate and support women working in the Comic Book industry.  Through there outreach came the WinC Convention, which features vendors, panels, cosplay, and other things you find at smaller conventions.

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My list of 5 Melanin Friend Convention looking to make a difference. Would you be interested and checking any of them out? Join the conversation and let me know what you think in the comment section below.