12 Days Of Anime: Studio Ghibli’s Porco Rosso

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Studio Ghibli’s Porco Rosso is their sixth film released, seven if you count Nausicaa of the Valley. I haven’t seen this movie since the 90s a little after it’s Japanese debut. I was a kid watching the dubbed version thinking this movie was cool but why is this a pigman. After rewatching the film a short while ago I was able to enjoy the artwork and storytelling of pilots and history.

I’m not going to spoil too much of the movie people who haven’t seen it in a while or not at all but spoilers ahead.

Here’s the trailer to Porco Rosso to jog your memory in case it’s been a while for you too.


The story takes place sometime after world war I but during the great depression. I put the time stamp somewhere in the 1930s. Porco is a veteran pilot and bounty hunter that is all about his peace and money when it comes to working. The opening scene of the film is Porco laying on a beach by his plane when he receives a call for a bounty.

The bounty is to stop airborne pirates from threatening a ferry. The pirates then take 15 elementary school girls onto their plane as collateral and it was the funniest scene. Of course, Porco rescued them he’s the hero but the girls and their personalities made that scene so cute and funny.

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Later into the film, Porco meets his mechanic’s granddaughter Fio who is as spunky as they come. I honestly thought she and Porco were going to have a weird romantic relationship until Gina, Porco’s love interest made herself known. Seeing as I didn’t remember much of the movie from childhood I really didn’t know what to expect.

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The artwork around aviation was a new thing to see as a kid the first time. A whole animated film about flying was exciting, I never lost my joy for animation as I got older. Rewatching this film really helped me appreciate what I love about animation, bring visions to life. Studio Ghibli films have always been a staple in Japanese animation since it was founded. Being in the generation to experience these creators and their work in my childhood has made me appreciate being a fan.

Porco Rosso is such a great film to watch for an action animated film with a bit of romance and a lot of comedy. All of Porco’s comebacks to the other characters were hilarious, a character with a comeback for everything usually ends up on my favorites list.

I recommend Porco Russo to anyone that hasn’t seen it in a while or never. It’s a great action-comedy animated film from the great Studio Ghibli and it will stand the test of time. I heard there was suppose to be a sequel coming out but it was put on hiatus, not sure if it’ll ever see the light but high hopes for it. I’d go see it in theaters if it ever does come out.

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