12 Days of Anime: Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbors the Yamadas


Still going strong in the Christmas challenge with these Studio Ghibli films. My Neighbors the Yamadas was definitely one film I skipped and if I saw this as a child I wouldn’t have appreciated the message I got. I love a good sappy family-oriented film, it shows the loving family should have for each other. The Yamadas are as realistic as they come and as parents, Takashi and Matsuko are trying to be better for their children Noboru and Nonoko. There are no spoilers in this just admiration for the simplicity of this film.

The different views of their relationships are what makes this so funny to watch. Takashi and Noboru’s father and son relationship get highlighted as Noboru is working on getting his first girlfriend. The parents’ relationship is one of the funniest parts of the film that I love because they bicker and they also show their love for each other throughout the shorts. Pochi the family dog is my favorite character, usually, the animals are my favorite because they are very expressive or not at all.

I recommend watching the shorts films of My Neighbors the Yamadas for a relaxing good night that can be shared with the family. I cuddled with my cats while watching this and it was really a good time that made the film enjoyable watching with someone or animals you have a loving relationship. I feel like many people will be entertained with the comedy of the film and all the characters and their lively personalities.

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