12 Days of Anime: Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbor Totoro


One of the most popular Studio Ghibli films, it may be one of the most popular of all time could be up against Howl’s moving castle because that’s really popular as well. I love cats as been said plenty of times here and Totoro was up to my alley. I rewatched this movie recently and didn’t realize that Totoro wasn’t in the movie 95% of the time. I’m laughing at this because that’s how I remember it as a child, the last time I saw Totoro was in my childhood and then for the second time recently. I don’t really know why I thought he was going to be in and out of every scene or why I remember it that way.

Watching it again I’m like why don’t I remember these cute kids from this movie. When Totoro appeared the first time I was like oh so after this we’ll see them the whole movie. I laughed to myself at the end of the film like this movie was great why did I put so much importance on Totoro. I also didn’t remember the cat bus comes from this film when the cat bus appeared I was like I know this character. Growing up is a scam skip it and live in the world of friendly forest spirits.

My Neighbor Totoro Trailer

I think almost every anime fan has seen this film at least once in their life to get familiar with Totoro. I loved this film as a kid because I can remember the feelings I had when I started rewatching. I’ve always loved cats all my life and Totoro is a forest spirit that helps children and takes care of his home. The adventures of Totoro throughout this film would have been the highlight of their childhood. Satsuki and Mei had a wonderful childhood while waiting for their mother to get out of the hospital.

Mei first discovers Totoro while going into a passageway that leads her to a sleeping Totoro. This moment here as an adult I know so many kids that would do this without a second thought and it was so scary watching and I’m like I know this is a friendly cat spirit but dammit Mei don’t wander off. I had a few moments throughout the film where I’m like why are these two girls in this rural area doing all this and being saved by a cat spirit. I honestly don’t remember the movie like this but I really can’t stop worrying about these kids.

Their father is a professor at a university in Tokyo and he seems fun-loving and carefree which is why I believe Satsuki and Mei are the way they are. Their mother is sick in the hospital and they’re waiting on her to get better to live in their new home together. I love the simplicity of this story and how their sisterhood was so strong they even looked out for each other after a fight. When Mei went missing because she wanted to walk to the hospital to take care of her mother and Satsuki nearly lost her mind looking for her I knew they really loved each other. I was so happy she went and asked Totoro for help and he brought them back together and home safely with the help of the cat bus.

I love the artwork as I say about every animation film I review because it’s the truth. I watch things I find that look good and mostly every animation I watch is because I saw the art style and I liked it. I hope people get to see this film for what I think it is. Great sisterly bond and creepy cat spirits that are super friendly. Totoro is a great watch to just relax and watch since there isn’t much going on unless you’re like me and worrying about Mei and her habit of wandering off by herself. I’m happy I saw the film again to remember Totoro as the friendly wood spirit that makes sure everyone is happy.

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