Yaoi Appreciation: Drug & Drop (Legal Drug)

Saiga and Kakei

Creator: Tsubaki Nekoi
Status: Ongoing
Summary: Legal Drug revolves around a young boy named Kazahaya Kudo, who is rescued by a mysterious young man named Rikuou Himura after collapsing in the snow and facing near death. Rikuou then takes him to a pharmacy, Green Drugstore, and Kazahaya is given a job and accommodation by Kakei, the store’s owner. Their day job is simple, as they are treated and act like regular drugstore employees. But together, they are forced into doing “odd jobs” for Kakei which often deal with the supernatural and/or making use of their supernatural powers.
Also if you read a lot of clamp’s work you’ll notice some other manga characters in this story and in others they are set in the same universe.

Kazahaya Kudo and Rikuou Himura

     I started reading this manga in high school had to be 2004 or 2005 when I was new to yaoi and what ever I got my hands on I was going to read, this was a new manga at the time that I saw it there was only two volumes out and was listed under yaoi everywhere I went but as you read the two main characters progressed slow with their relationship so I assumed it was a shonen-ai manga because Mr. Tall, dark and handsome Rikuou Himura never acknowledge Kudo, his nonchalant attitude made you like him a bit more likable and that’s usually how some of the badass semes startKazahaya Kudo I presumed to be the uke didn’t understand his feelings for his partner and so on. Volume 3 comes out that’s when it went down they kissed and basically took it to 3rd base in a dream Kudo was having and then the infamous cliffhanger that makes you go out and buy the next volume happened.

    So lets first start with this clamp manga being on hiatus for damn near 10 years after releasing three volumes and I was upset about this reboot and rename after so long. Now there were many rumors I heard as to why this manga went on hiatus so I’m going to say the ones I believe. The first was Tsubaki Nekoi the mangaka got sick. The second was clamp wanted to work on Tsubasa since it was its money maker at the time. After this rumor I never wanted to her anything about tsubasa or clamp, it made me mad I’m still waiting on the next volume but Tsubasa needs another season?

There are so many pages with Rikuou and Kudo in positions like this.

This manga is the reason why I wait until the story is complete or really deep in before I start reading it. 
     Now Drug & Drop is the continuation of the Legal Drug manga. I’m gonna wait a while before I go and check it out I was scorned before by clamp I’m not falling for it again.

I also remember finding out some time before Drug & Drop came out in 2015 that Tsunaki Nekoi is also one of the artists for the Tsubasa mangas and it all made sense to me. Tsubasa was the bread winner and they had to put attention on it but Clamp why such a long hiatus? What makes you want to continue the story 10+ years later? I honestly remember this story because I re-read so many times it in anticipation that volume four will pop up any moment.

My feelings about clamp will probably never change because of this manga and the patience I had to wait for it no matter how many times I complained I still wanted to read what was going to happen next. I’ve become a better person the past 10 years so I’m going read drug and drop when it’s complete and maybe I’ll support clamp afterwards who knows what will happen just know at this moment clamp and tsubasa are on my trash list until further notice.

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Drug & Drop Vol. 1 | Drug & Drop Vol. 2

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  1. Oh! This is so intriguing. First time hearing about this manga created by CLAMP. I’ll check it out. Thanks for the recommendation. And of course thank you for submitting this post to my Fujinsei Blog Carnival. I appreciate it. Keep on reading manga and blogging. Take care. Cheers!

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