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This past weekend we got the chance to attend TerrorVision Haunted Maze at HorrorWood Studios. In New York City, TerrorVision is in full effect for Spooky Season! As horror enthusiasts, we were very excited to be able to experience The Nightmare of TerrorVision. @thelinkedone and I (@dreythedreamer) were led into an elevator with the rest of our group and when we reached our destination were greeted by a horror scene by the crazed director whose work of art we were touring through. We don’t want to give too much away so we’ll stick to describing the environment.

There are 3 tiers of tickets for you to choose from. Easy Mode: The Chicken Ticket – You’ll get an amulet to let the actors know that you don’t want to be touched during the tour. Normal Mode: General Admission – You want it to be a little spicy so you’ll get the average experience of the tour. Finally Hard Mode: Ultimate Terror – This is if you’re the bravest of them all, If you want to experience terror itself you should get this ticket. All tickets are reasonable prices for a New York City experience.

Drey’s Point of View

I think the tour we were a part of was a general admission ticket, walking through the tour in normal mode. I was hoping we would get to experience the ultimate terror tour because we would have loved to actually get more excitement and scare from the actors. The chicken pass would have definitely been too easy after going through this tour.

The decor and setup of the space we were in were absolutely amazing they outdid themselves. A few of the actor’s jumpscares did get me but it wasn’t intense since we weren’t on an ultimate terror tour, I do think that made a difference in our experience. I would suggest if you’re in for a good scare that you get the ultimate terror ticket and allow the actors to scare you as best as they can. How else are you supposed to enjoy Spooky Season festivities?

Overall I think I had a good experience and would recommend that if you are into horror or an enthusiast, TerrorVision’s Nightmare Tour just might be the thing for you. I would suggest you get the ultimate terror ticket to get the full experience. The staff was great and decor was my absolute favorite thing to see. I may go back to see the tour again just to experience full terror and see the amazing setup again. Sound effects were amazing with the screams of people in our group and doors slamming as well adding to how dark the room was and the anticipation of what was looming around the corner.

The Linked One’s Point of View

As we stepped into TerrorVision, I was trying to take everything in with an open mind. The receptionists were setting tour groups up into waves. They were dressed in box office attire, coming out of the graveyard holding flashlights. Even though we were granted Ultimate Terror access, it felt very underwhelming. From the tiers in between Chicken Pass where the impact was mild, regular was moderate, and ultimate terror was supposed to make me scared out of my soul. There were no waivers that were present, the receptionists mentioned how some consumers crapped their pants on previous tours. From our experience, I would say that our access was normal tier.

Our tour guide gave us the backstory, we got on an elevator and it went upstairs to a dark area. We were graced by the director who was filming a movie shoot. The director lost control of one of their actors and that is where everything picked up. Some audiences would think the attire for this particular scene would be risqué. Personally, it took place inside a dungeon.

The director was looking for more people to become part of their act. As we went into the next section, there were thrills and chills in every corner. Within the labyrinth that we navigated with the tour guide, the group got separated by a fork and got reunited in different parts of the tour.

The decor I loved as well along with the costume choices for the actors. The energy was there as everyone played their roles with the utmost passion. The grain texture of the wood, the web, and the lighting gave an eerie vibe. One moment you were looking at a blank wall, the next moment someone would be jumping out at you from that same blank wall where nothing happened from a moment ago. The era was 1970s Transylvanian vibes. Imagine the Addams Family and the Munster’s houses made a love child and the monsters were running wild.

The walls held CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) TVs that were playing with static fuzz, where something was disconnected. I would like to recite a famous line from the Addams family theme song. “They’re creepy and they’re kooky Mysterious and spooky They’re all together ooky The Addams family” There was a bone dragon or snake that resembled a spot from the Munsters. It resided within the walls where it kept on protruding his head out.

In conclusion, we experienced this on a press invitation and are very thankful for the opportunity that TerrorVision gave us. Aside from that, we do hope you all get the chance to experience this by Halloween. In honor of our favorite season upon us we hope you have a great spooky time visiting TerrorVision: Experience The Nightmare Live in New York City.

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