Ryu vs Ken: Street Fighter Cosplay Battle at AnimeNEXT 2017


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Hey, what’s good everyone?  It’s been a little over a month since we attended Anime Next.   Between the three of us, we pushed out a ton content via our website and our other Social media outlets.  Videos, pictures and other exclusive releases. (via Twitter and Instagram) So if you aren’t following us, do so because you are missing out.  The grind was non-stop that weekend. But it’s Story Time.

My little set up from the weekend. The Con was cool. Got that press. So things are slowly moving. 1. Go Pro Hero 2: Audio Technica AT875R 3. TASCAM DR 40 Recorder #animenext #Anime #Conventions #AnimeCon #GoPro #Audio

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On Saturday, Drey and I were wandering around the Atlantic City Convention Center during Anime Next.  Cracking jokes and taking in the environment in between working the event.  We were having a pretty good time. Still on high from the fact that we were accepted to attend the event as press.  All of our hard work is finally starting to show results.

We sit down for a short break and a fight breaks out.  In normal situations, I don’t condone violence nor do I stay around to film it.  In my experience, they never end well for anyone involved bystanders included.

But Drey being the trooper that she is, grabbed her camera and ran over to the action.

I won’t spoil anything for you but I will say this.  I am amazed at the fact that the building was still standing afterward.  Hadou is not to be played with.

I’ll post the exclusive video below.

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