My Interview with Cereal Sensei


I started my journey as an indie creative back 2013. And through my Social Media endeavors, I’ve come across a lot of interesting people.   And Cereal Sensei is someone worth mentioning, he is an aspiring writer, podcaster, and fellow blerd.  When the opportunity surfaced, I reach out for an interview.  We discussed a wide array of topics ranging music to content creation.   Nerd culture to the indie struggle.

The interview ran a little bit on the long side, two hours to be more specific.  I can see how that length might be a bit intimidating, so I chopped up some highlight from our conversation and uploaded them via our YouTube Channel. I’ll post the links below.
For those of you, who are curious to learn a bit more about me and the Soulcial Dreamers movement. This is the perfect opportunity.

Part One

Part Two 

Part Three

Once again, I would like to Thank Cereal Sensei for joining me.  I had a ton of fun. I hope it wasn’t too awkward for you.  Also, we sure to check out the Dojo Talk Podcast.

For more from Cereal Sensei

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