This weeks interview is with another person I hold in high regard.  I can’t recall our initial encounter either, but we were also introduced via YouTube.  For the sake of transparency, it was in the same time I met Sang Frais which makes perfect sense considering he is also a co-founder of Nerds with Passports and 10th Tier Media.

Josh is low-key my mentor. LOL  I’ve learned a lot from merely talking to him.  So here is the giveback.  So without further ado,  Meet Joshua Gantt

1) Can you introduce yourself? 
Joshua: My name is Joshua Gantt. I’m an audio engineer, but also a content creator in music, videography, photography, and graphic design. Which, you can find on Youtube.com/nerdswithpassports

2) How long have you produced (composed)? And how did your journey begin?
Joshua: Magix Music Maker as my first experience with music creation, which then evolved to FL Studio 6 way back in 2005. It simply started with me wanting to understand more about the process of how to create a rhythm. When I started to MC, music production gave me an outlet to create a sound catered to my style of MC’ing. Back in high school, it was the trend to make mixtapes and I made 2 incredibly bad ones that will never see the light of day lol.

3) Which famous musicians have you learned from?
Joshua: My favorite producer is the RZA. As a multi-instrumentalist, he’s very knowledgeable of all his gear and how to use it. So like anyone else would, I watched any and all videos available detailing his process of how he makes music for a specific project. Other notable artists would be Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams, Dr. Dre, and Yoko Kanno.

4) Are there any producers or artists that you would want to collaborate with internationally?
Joshua: If I had any opportunity to collaborate with any of the artists I’ve mentioned, it would be a humbling experience and an opportunity to learn. Honestly, any artists with an open mind to create something unique and different, I’m down to work with. However, If I had to choose only one, Yoko Kanno. She makes some of my most favorite music.

5) In your own words, what is the role of a producer in the record industry?
Joshua: The producer is not just the guy/girl who makes the beats or whatever, but the one who offer valuable input in the creation process of a record. Their role is to get the absolute best out of the artist to maximize the potential of any song. If the producer isn’t accomplishing these basic tasks, your name as a producer simply falls flat.

6) What makes a good recording session? From your perspective as an artist, composer, and engineer.
Joshua: A good recording session is using the valuable time to actually work, and not goof around. 2pac is a prime example of this, and the sole reason of his large library of music. When he’s in the studio, he works. Always writing, always recording. Sure, you can vibe out, get to know one another and crack a few jokes here and there. But, if it’s crowded (artists bringing their friends for the sake of the aesthetic), it’s not productive.
7) Acoustic or Digital Instruments. Do you have a preference?
Joshua: Use both. Take an opportunity to utilize the best of both worlds. Music creation is subjective whether you fully analog or digital.

8) Taking into consideration your career as a creative. What are some of your biggest achievements? 
Joshua: I’ve worked on over 4000 projects within the multimedia field. However, my biggest accomplishment that I take pride in is to assist with others who are in need of information to get started. I have a video that has over 300,000 views on choosing the best DAW that’ll cater to your style as a music creator.

9)  What are some of your career goals? 
Joshua: I don’t set the bar high. Having expectations can lead to depression when it doesn’t come to past lol.  I would love to one day win a Grammy, if anything.

10)  If you were a Super Hero? What would your name be and why? 
Joshua: My Super Hhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlZHTvHWq_g&t=5sero name would be Black Juice. Reason why, no clue. Just sounds good lol.

11) What are some of your favorite video games?
Joshua: Anything that’s Final Fantasy, I’m all in. I’m also a fighter fan. Tekken, Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Virtua Fighter, etc. Also, I dig space shooters. Right now, Rocket League is what I play mostly.

12) Do you have any up and coming projects?

Joshua:  I planning to work on an app to assist musicians with mastering their music on the go. It’s very early in the planning stages. Currently, I’m in the mastering process with a few artists in my hometown (Bron Dayvid, Charles Pharaoh). You can check them out here.

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