J1-Con: the Blackfinity Gauntlet Event


the Blackfinity Gauntlet Podcasting Summit spanned over two days of the con. The Expo was hosted in The Bourbon Room, formerly known as the House of Blues which is located on the Second Floor of The Showboat Hotel.  The House of Blues is an iconic venue, so being able to take in an event in such a historical place made it that much more memorable and the energy was definitely in the air.

Courtesy of Drey

There were a lot more panelist then I was expecting but it was a nice surprised.  It gave us a nice mix of personalities and perspective.

Here are the attendees.

Black Tribbles | The Starting 5 (Podcast) |Tru Radio Network |The Everything Podcast| The Brown Girl Experience | LadiesLuvHipHop Podcast | DefCon Jive Podcast | Away Team Podcast | BeatSociety | TheCode_Show |

The panel began with a discussion/ Q and A session with the guests where they talked about their experience, their podcasts, and inspirations.  It was interesting seeing and hearing each attendee testimony, It makes everything we’ve been striving for that much more tangible and the camaraderie that these panelists had for one another was amazing.
To be honest, quite of few of these podcasters I’d never heard prior to the gauntlet but now that I’ve sampled some of what they have to offer, I’m planning to check them out.  More things to check out is always a plus as far as I’m concerned.

Courtesy of Drey

The highlight of the expo for me was the surprise musical performance by a duo called SPOTLESS MINDS, NJ Emcee Fever and Femcee Simone-Arabia. Bars, delivery, stage presence, and enough energy to knock you out your seat, this one was definitely for the culture.

All in all, I had a great time and I learned a few things.  Thank you for allowing us to attend. More coverage from J1- Con to come.  So be sure to check all of our Social Media accounts for exclusive content.

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