J1-Con 2018: Sys2matik Ovrl0ad Performance


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Sys2matik Ovrl0ad is one of the bands I mentioned in my post about the J1-Con: Music Fest and I have to say they did not come to disappoint. Sys2matik Ovrl0ad had a great set to sit through and they were in pretty good spirits when it was such a small crowd that I wish more people would have come to enjoy the performance.

As I mentioned in the J1-Con Overview,I really wished more people turned out for the events and panels but the bright side to a small audience is the intimate performance you’re getting. I already listened to some of their songs on Bandcamp and knew I would love their performance. I know Sys2matik Ovrl0ad’s music caters to a lot of con-goers due to the rock/electronic genre it falls under.
The dark presence of the stage is always a great vibe for me due to my sensitivity to bright lights. The low lights and fog filling the air during the performance is such a great touch for a live show. I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve been to a rock concert but I don’t even remember who I saw perform.
The show went on! No matter how many people were out there in the audience. Sys2matik Ovrl0ad performed like it was filled, I would go to another concert if they come around again. Take a listen to Sys2matik Ovrl0ad’s music with the links posted below and let me know if they are a band you would add to your daily playlist.

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Sys2matik Ovrl0ad

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