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Anime Girls NYC is a blog, I’ve followed closely for about 8 months now.  And has shown love, time and time again.   On whatever type of content we publish via WordPress site.  So I always make sure to show love back.

“We Build Together” is something we at SDE firmly believe.  When I reached out to Stephanie, AGN founder.  Here’s what she had to say.

1) Welcome, Can you introduce yourself?
Stephanie: My name is Stephanie and I am an anime blogger. My site is called Anime Girls NYC. I loved anime since I was a kid. And till this day I am still watching and loving anime.
2) You’ve mentioned in the past, that you’ve been a anime fan for decades. How long have you been into the world of blogging?

Stephanie: I have been blogging for a year and a half. I started my social media accounts first and while in there I was talking to so many people about anime that I’ve decided to create a blog to speak even more about anime.
 3) For people unfamiliar with your work at Anime Girls NYC, how would you describe your site?
Stephanie: My site is very fun and it’s not professional at all. Haha I like to talk to my readers as if they are my friends. Makes it feel more personal. I think that helps me relate to my readers more.  I also think I come off more approachable than the ones who are too professional. Anime is fun and I want to be fun.
4) What does “being creative” mean to you?
Stephanie: Being creative is being unique. Coming up with something that different than others
5)Your writing process, how has it changed over time?
Stephanie: My writing process became a bit different with the context I post. I started to realize instead of reviewing each episode on a series I’ve decided to do a final review or during the anime seasons I give them my halfway point review. More of my readers responded better to that than an episode by episode review.
6)  Taking your catalog into consideration, what do you feel is your best post? And why?
Stephanie: My best post is First anime- How did you get into it?
The reason it’s my best plus my favorite is because it had everyone remembering their first time they entered into this world where we are huge fans of this anime life. I really loved hearing everyone’s story. It was also fun learning about which anime captured these fans. It was awesome and a lot of people responded to this post.
 7) The animation industry is a boys game,  As a woman of color, what do you bring to the table?  what kind of obstacles have you had to overcome because of it?
Stephanie: I do agree it does seem like a boys world but women are just as great. Some obstacles I did face was when I spoke to some guys at conventions they were expecting me to talk about the girly anime. But I started talking about some cool anime that mostly guys watch such as Berserk, Naruto and even Durarara. I like crazy anime with horror, gore and action.
As a female of color what obstacle I thought was a problem was cosplaying as a character. I thought since I wasn’t the same skin color I shouldn’t do it. I was looking up characters of color to cosplay but then I said hell no. I’m going to be whatever I want to be. And I have.
 8) We’re heavy on the music side of things.  Has music had any influence on any aspect of AGNYC content? If so, what’s your playlist looking like? And who are some of your favorites?
Stephanie: I loveee music. Some of the artists on my playlist are Kaskade, Deadmaus, Flume, Lorde, and Ellie Goulding.
 9) If you were stranded on an island and you could keep one food fully stocked. What would it be?
Stephanie: I am obsessed with Bacon. Hahah
 10) If you could visit any fictional platform, what would it be any why?
Stephanie: Naruto’s world. I want to be a ninja so badly.
11) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Stephanie: In 10 years hopefully still working on the blog and maybe possibly living in Japan. Haha
12) What’s Next for Anime Girls NYC?
Stephanie: Next, I want to try and do more Amv, start creating Anime Girls NYC products and wear them to conventions to get my name out there more.

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