As repeated many times before Anime NYC is this weekend November 17 – 19 and this is what I’m looking forward to seeing this weekend when we attend, there are so many

Inaugural Pin

things to do that I’m literally stuck trying to weigh my options before the festivities even start. So I want to first bring attention to the Inaugural Pin that Anime NYC will be giving out at the registration desk. They have enough for every attendee this year according to the website so I suggest when you first walk in this is the first thing you grab before starting this weekend journey. The pin will be exclusively for this convention and it’s never coming back, so grab it while it’s hot.


     Anime NYC wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t for the many sponsors that made this possible. The biggest sponsor is one we all know and love Crunchyroll. Remember if you haven’t purchased your ticket yet there is a $10 discount if you’re a Crunchyroll premium member and you get a few perks that you should really take advantage of. A few other sponsors you’ll see around the Javits Center are Aniplex whom we all should know by now with all the anime we’ve seen so far. The one and only Funimation, Viz Media, Yen Press. There a few sponsors that you may not know as well as the others but you should check them out because you will definitely find a few gems Books Kinokuniya, Sentai Filmworks, Vertical, Tokyo Otaku Mode and Sunrise.

There is going to be a Japanese Arcade hosted by Tokyo Attack. There are a few games I want to play but don’t know if there will be a long wait time for the games. Now I do want to be honest and warn you if you may have never been to an arcade or haven’t been to one in a long time like myself and I have this faint memory of bad body odor filling the air, you’ve been warned to expect the unexpected when it comes to this arcade area.

With the return of an Anime convention to Jacob Javits Center, I’m sure a lot of people will compare it to the past Anime Festivals or other Anime conventions around the city, let’s not do that since each convention has their own qualities. I want to mention the big premieres happening this weekend and you should try to catch them since some are going to be shown first at Anime Next. There are also some events like the Anime Diva Night and Gundam premiere and concert that should catch your attention since it’s some of the big events. Being that this is such a big event we already know that some panels and events that you may want to see but are overlapping each other on the schedule. Here are some good questions to ask yourself to narrow down your decision.

  1. If you arrive late will you be able to find a good seat?
  2. Have you been waiting for a panel or event on something that you wanted to see for a while?
  3. Was there a panel or event at the last con you attended but you missed it?
  4. Will you feel good if you missed both and did something else?

These questions always help me narrow down any events that I want to go see that overlap on the schedule. I always ask myself these questions to see if it’s really worth waiting in that long line to go the main stage or just go sit in on the panel that I’ll be able to relax and be entertained.

If you regularly go to New York Comic Con or other events held at Jacob Javits Center then you have the home advantage when it comes to moving around and know where every area is. I think I know a lot about the Javits Center after going for so many years that I probably know which escalator to take to get straight to my destination. I have high hope for what Anime NYC will become and I really hope that this weekend goes smoothly for everyone and don’t lose your friends in the big crowds this weekend it’s a similar feeling to losing your mother in the supermarket or being in line at the grocery store and realize you left your wallet at home after the cashier just told you the total, I recently went through both of these situations and feels are on a whole nother level.

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