Anime NYC 2019: Guests Voice Actors of Pokemon


Anime NYC is making it run back around this year with a new slew of guests we’re excited to meet this year. A few Voice Actors that were apart of my childhood will be at Anime NYC and I’m excited to relive the good old days as I reintroduce you to the voices behind our favourite Pokemon characters.

VAs are some of the hardest working people in the industry especially now that dubs are becoming more in demand. Each of these VAs has years of experience under their belt and they have to start somewhere why not our childhood. Sarah Natochenny is the current voice of Ash. James Carter Cathcart as if his first name wasn’t a giveaway he indeed voiced James from infamous Team Rocket. We can’t forget about Jessie who was voiced by Michele Knotz.

Sarah took over the voice of Ash in 2006, starting off the ninth season of Pokemon. Having such an accomplished career with pokemon being her ongoing project, Sarah has voice characters from TV to Video Games. Just to name a few series she’s been apart of Yu-Gi-Oh!: Arc-V, World of Winx, Axel: The Biggest Little Hero, GTA V (Video Game) Bullet Witch (Video Game) and White Day (Video Game).

Sarah’s career and skills will get her far with her different ranges of voices. I hope to see more work from Sarah in the future because of her range. The difference in characters she’s voiced shows how talented VAs can be. In her spare time Sarah opened her home to foster kittens and has a 24/7 foster kitten live-stream on twitch.

Sarah Natochenny

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James Carter Cathcart is another talented VA that has the pokemon series under their belt. James started voicing James of Team Rocket and Meowth in season 9 of pokemon, he’s also always voiced Professor Gary Oak. James has been around for a long time with so many memorable characters in many of our childhood.

A few of the characters James has voiced over the years. Vector the Crocodile from Sonic X. Weevil from Yu-Gi-Oh!, Miki Kaoru from Revolutionary Girl Utena, and one of personal favorites Gokusen he voiced the Principal and Kakita. James is not only a VA he ventures into music and has recorded alongside Katey Sagal, Gerry Mulligan, Ace Frehley, and many more.

James Carter Cathcart

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Michele Knotz is another established VA with many memroable characters under her belt. Michele joined the Pokemon series for the ninth season voicing Jessie from Team Rocket, Misty, May, and Nurse Joy. Just to name a few charaters she voices currently. Michele also voices various Pokemon in the series.

As talented as Michele is it her voice acting doesn’t just stop at one series. There’s movies and video games characters that Michele has brought to life. Keeping it in the Pokemon family Michele has voiced Pokemon characters in the Smash Bros game. Voicing Shiryu Choun in Ikki Tousen, Tomei and Ari in Queen’s Blade, and Sanae Shikikagami in Ladies vs Butlers!. Just to name a few outside the Pokemon series.

Michele Knotz

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