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This was my first time hearing about 2une before the anime con. I later found out they have only been together as a group for a year nad this was their first performance at LCAC.

I thought they were so cute as a duo there is Sneko the american member of the group and Uno the Japanese member of the group. They had on custom outfits a cute maid like outfit.

Sneko talked the most about how nervous they were about this performance because they were unsure if everyone would like their songs. Before she did a solo song they changed outfits.

Overall I liked their performance because everything was so cute. The dance routine, the outfits and the members of 2une. I look forward to them becoming bigger stars in the future. I’m definitely a new fan and have more music to find from them and see where their careers go after this.

Here’s one of their latest videos.

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