Anime NYC 2019: Guest Rimma Doi


Japanese Designer Rimma Doi is making his way to Anime NYC this weekend, partnering with Anime Jungle to bring a pop-up shop with clothing from The Harajuku Fashion Brand ACDC RAG. Rimma is currently the Director of ACDC RAG, and as the brand is thriving with the help of Rimma’s promotions at different events around the world.

The clothing line is online; there’s even an English version of the Japanese online shop. The prices are very reasonable for the great pieces of clothing in the shop. Please be aware that if you’re going to order online, these clothing are in Japanese sizing. If you’re going to be at Anime NYC this weekend, you can get a feel of sizes in person and be able to make your purchases.

I looked online and on ACDC RAG’s IG and wanted to show a few of the styles I like. I would love to purchase a few items, but looking up the Japanese to US sizing, I can’t fit them because I’m plus size, which will not stop me from looking into finding a few Harajuku pieces to add to my closet. Even with that said Rimma’s style is fantastic and very vibrant and electric, I love the bright and dark aesthetic this line has.

Rimma Doi Information

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